Monday, February 29, 2016

Freshman Year Insight!

Meet Hunter Hoffman!

Hunter is a freshman with the dance department all the way from sunny Miami, Florida. Here, he offers some insight into his freshman year!

What have been the highlights of your year so far?

Being in a class of great people. I love waking up every morning and knowing that I'll soon be in class dancing with some of my best friends. Also, being able to perform in Match Girl this previous semester has been a highlight. 

What is the most important thing that you've learned?

You don't need to be perfect when you come to college. College is a time for you to grow and learn from your mistakes. All you need is hard work and ambition and you will have a recipe for success.

What are some your favorite memories with the dance department?

Preparing for the performance of Match Girl last semester and being backstage with all the anticipation stands out as one of my key memories in my first year with the dance department. I also look forward to the Thursday BFA ballet class because it's just another opportunity where I can focus in class with the support of the teachers and other dancers. 

What advice would you give incoming freshman?

Make sure to work hard and commit yourself every day and eventually everything else will come through for you. Be patient with yourself because in dance you have to constantly pick yourself back up. Also, appreciate the present and fall in love with ballet because it is your life now and these are years you won't get back. 

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