Monday, September 28, 2015

Senior Spotlight of the week!

Maggie Sullivan is 22 years old and a native of Wilkes-Barre, PA. She began dancing at age 3 at the Degnan Ballet Center in her hometown. While in high school, she started the Holy Redeemer Dance Team at her school that is still being run today. Maggie is a finishing her B.A. Degree in dance with a concentration in choreography in 2016. We asked Maggie some other questions as well!

1. You favorite non dance hobby?
Photography! Maggie does pictures for the Mercyhurst Dance Club calendar! Go follow her at En Pointe Photography to see more pictures of our dance majors in action.

2. What you want to do when you graduate from college?
I’d like to dance with a few different companies (of any genre) for as long as I can, while teaching dance and choreographing at local studios in the area that I will be in. Then I would like to delve more into full-time teaching and choreographing, and eventually get my masters in dance to teach at a college level program, or begin my own studio and youth company…or both!

Some places that Maggie is possible planning on auditioning include: Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Moxie Contemporary Ballet, Portland Ballet, Gin Dane Company, Seamless Dance Theatre, St. Paul Ballet, Storling Dance Theatre, The Big Muddy Company, Heartlines Dance Company, Bodiography, and momentum Dance Company

3. Favorite class you took at Mercyhurst Universtiy?
Ballet is the obvious answer, but I guess I should be more creative than that…probably America Since 1945 with Dr. Magoc! Or any of the 3 choreography classes I’ve taken here.

4. Fun fact!
I’m partially albino on my left side!

5. Favorite piece you have preformed?
Katarina Fitpatrick’s work “All Mirrors Are Warped” from Raw Edges 2015 with Mercyhurst dance dept.

Friday, September 25, 2015


Homecoming weekend!

Please come join us for all of the homecoming activities this weekend including Music, Dance and Theatre presenting Mercyhurst Dance Department tomorrow September 26th at 7:00pm featuring one of our alums, Kathryn Tokar. The performance will present works including a past residence piece by Daniel Lewis and Nancy Jorden which has been reconstructed from an original Limón piece. José Limón worked with his company on The Waldstein Sonata in the winter of 1971. The work has been reconstructed and completed by Daniel Lewis in 1975 and performed by the Juilliard Dance Ensemble and will now be presented by the Mercyhurst Dance Ensemble.