Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dancer of the Week

Hello friends in dance! We're back with another Dancer of the Week!
This week's post goes out to Junior Tricia Stefancin!

Patricia (or Tricia, as we know her), is a 21 year old from Wooster, Ohio.
She is a Dance major with a double major in Psychology and a concentration in Neuroscience.

Any pets?
I have one dog named Bandit who is the cutest little dog ever!

What's one thing you're never without?
An energy bar

What is the favorite academic class you have taken at Mercyhurst?
Intro to Religious Studies from Dr. Robert von Thaden

What's one fun fact about yourself?
I sing Broadway show tunes and quote movies like its nobodies business.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hurst Dancers Around the World

This week we're bringing you a report from a few of our dancers who were lucky enough to travel to South Korea recently! Senior Maggie Doherty and Sophomores Ellen Duddy and Sarah Mearhoff have been kind enough to share their experiences with us- take a peek into their trip! 

Here at Mercyhurst University, we proudly live by our campus slogan, Carpe diem – seize the day, the opportunity, the adventure. So, when I and two other dancers, Ellen Duddy and Margaret Doherty, were presented with the opportunity to perform in Daejeon, South Korea, we leapt at the chance. With only three short weeks to prepare, the Mercyhurst Dance Department constructed a performance that was to represent the department and the university, as a whole, on the opposite side of the globe at the Taejon Christian International School. With that, on October 12th, we were up and away toward our adventure!

What we found as we exited the Seoul International Airport was certainly an adventure. Entirely flooded with the excitement and unfamiliarity of the environment, we were swept into the current of the foreign culture. Unfamiliar languages floated through the air, as new scents of exotic foods wafted about the streets, and unique buildings gazed back as you curiously stared. Almost every component of the culture was different, from the way you were to shake an elder’s hand, to how you ate your dinner or flushed the toilet. The term culture shock was quite applicable, as I found myself quite stunned by the newness of the environment, but utterly amazed and entranced by the different way of life. Fortunately, we were guided through the unfamiliar territory by incredibly kind and welcoming hosts, friends, and strangers, who happily assisted us in our navigation. With so much to explore and such a welcoming atmosphere, the trip, as a whole, was absolutely irreplaceable. Many thanks are owed to all those who made this trip possible for us three students, as it will be one that we truly never forget. 
                                                                                              -Sarah Mearhoff

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dancer of the Week

We're back with another Dancer of the Week
This week we would like to present sophomore Emily Jarrett!
Emily Jarrett is an 18 year old sophomore from Salisbury, MD. Along with her Dance major, she is double majoring in Criminal Justice.
Favorite holiday: Christmas!
Favorite food around campus: Laker burritos, can't live without them.
Favorite part performed: Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland
Fun fact: I was voted Prom Queen in my senior year of high school
Thanks for reading! We'll be back on Tuesday with another dancer!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dancer of the Week!

Welcome back to the danceSpace! We're back in the swing of things for our Fall 2014 semester, and would like to introduce you to a new segment, our Dance of the Week Profiles! Each Tuesday we will fill you in on one of our dance majors, minors, faculty, or guest artists, and the first dancer is....

Marchetta Genis!

Marchetta is a 21 year old senior dance major and religious studies minor from Pittsburgh, PA.

Favorite food around campus: Eco-friendly Thursdays in Egan
Pointe shoes: Capezio Aria
Always in her dance bag: foot roller and theraband
Can't wake up without: "COFFEE."

After graduation, Marchetta aspires to dance professionally in a company such as Houston Metropolitan Dance Company or Thodos Dance Chicago