Thursday, April 19, 2012

Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal

This week Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal came to perform at the Mary D'angelo Performing Arts Center. It's always a privilege to have such a fantastic company come and perform here. On Monday they offered a master class for our students taught by Kevin Delaney, a member of the company. All of the students really enjoyed the class and were sore the next day!

The company performed on Tuesday and had a standing ovation from the audience. They opened the performance with Les Chambres des Jacques,choreographed by Azure Barton, which was a piece that toyed with the pedestrian movements of everyday life. The movements were tweaked and repeated in various ways that made for a very unique movement vocabulary. The choreography was inspired by the dancers personalities and imperfections. The music chosen for the piece was eclectic ranging from Vivaldi to Québécois folk music. Even with range of different music the piece as a whole was cohesive. The second piece they performed was a world premier titled, Night Box. This piece choreographed by Wen Wei Wang, was inspired by urban life. Lights and projections were used to recreate the feeling of an urban city at night. In the beginning of the piece it felt as if the dancers were all in a night club with the lights and pulsing music.

Overall the performance was spectacular and to watch dancers with such power and energy was inspiring. As an extra opportunity some of our dancers went backstage and met the members of the company after the performance!

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